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Do you have problems with your dogs? Dog lovers despite the care and attention they are giving to their pets still found difficulty in handling them. Here at School Of Dog Training will offer you a better solution to your dogs. We offer you and your dog a good chance to better dog-master relationship. We will not just train your dog to be obedient, but we will also inform you how to treat and teach him tricks that you could show to your friends and family.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art technology that will bring the best out of your dog. We have clinics for your dog and a visiting veterinary to check their health status. We also have trained professionals that can tolerate any kind of dogs. We also offer books, videos and other instructions materials that can speed up your dog schooling. We also have dog accessories that you can give for an extra treat.

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Dogs school

Today, most people have dogs in their house which come in different breeds. But what is the use of its breed if a dog does not know anything but to eat, sleep, bark on anything and mess around your house? Most probably, you get tired and angry with that dog. You are too disappointed for buying that hybrid dog of yours and feeding them with expensive dog foods. You envied other dog from the different tricks they do and the satisfaction they give to their master. Don’t be sad because here in School Of Dog Training, is the place where you can expect a great change in your dog’s behavior in a few weeks time.

In full disclosure which has always been our policy we must make the public aware that the School Of Dog Training is directly funded by eXtreme Dog Fence, a direct distributor and retailer of many different types of dog fencing systems wireless systems. Many people are quite opposed to these types of systems so we wanted to make the general public aware, you can also read opposing views about these types of systems on invisible fence systems.

Training your dog requires time and patience. It is just like raising children in your house. Dogs, like children are playful, noisy and messy, so you have to discipline them the way you would discipline your children. You have to give them love and attention if you want your dog to obey you. They will know how you treat them and sooner or later they will return back whatever you have given them. Dogs also reflect the attitude of their master. You cannot expect your dog to be disciplined when you have some bad attitudes towards it. Discipline must start with the master. This will yield to good results.

You can train the dog at any age, but young ones are quite difficult at that time. They can get easily distracted from anything in their environment. As they grow older, they will also become mellow. The best time to teach obedience is when they are a little bit older, but not too old. At this age, the dog is more behave.

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Dog school

Dog also requires proper nutrition. If you want your dog to be well trained, give him enough nourishment so he can have enough strength and energy during exercises. Grooming is also important just like people. A well groomed dog is free of fleas and itchy. Has good set of teeth and have shinny hair. You can provide your dogs certain vitamins, dog shampoos, anti fleas powder and a lot of dog stuff to maintain its condition. Once in a while you can send him to a veterinary for health check-up.

There are many ways to train your dog, but the most common method is the reward or praise method. Let us say for example, you are teaching him to sit and he got it. In this case, you have to give him a piece of dog cracker or you can say, Good dog! However, if he failed to follow, you have to say No! in a low tone voice or you can tug his collar briefly and say No!

This exercise is repeated many times until he mastered it. When he is done with this trick you can teach him a new trick. Do a trick for your dog one at a time and avoid rushing your dogs with many tricks. This will lead you and your dog to great disappointments.

If you want your dog learn tricks and obedience you can send it to us. You can enroll it online or you can come to our office and fill up some forms. You also get the chance of meeting other dog lovers here in our school and join in our groups. People has come to us telling their stories of the benefits they got from us. One said, his dog jumps on his lap (common complaint of most owners) every time he arrives but after sending his dog to us, the jumping stopped.

Another testimony from a dog lover is that she has a problem walking her dog because she is always dragged by it. After teaching her dog about heeling, her problem was solved. And there are other testimonies that you can find in this site. So, check out this site often.